Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 “Town-Twinning” Participation: The project involved 299 citizens, notably 119 participants from the city of Bükkábrány (Hungary), 34 participants from the city of Swieqi (Malta), 38 participants from the city of Vallerano (Italy), 36 participants from the city of Deryneia (Cyprus), 41 participants from the city of Gallese (Italy), 31 participants from the city of Jevisovice (Czech Republic).

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Bükkábrány (Bükkábrány, Hungary), from 06/11/2021 to 13/11/2021 Short description: The day of 06/11/2021 was dedicated to the Arrival of the delegations, to the meeting with the applicant organization MOKLASZ and the welcome speech made by the MOKLASZ President. The presentation of the programme of activities followed.

The day of 07/11/2021 was dedicated to the presentations made by the delegations on the topic “Best practices in the social sector”, then guided tours in Mezőkövesd followed: the participants had the possibility to visit Matyó homes and streets and to interact with locals, discovering the local history and traditions. The second part of the day was dedicated to the question time with the volunteers and social workers, in order to give to the delegates the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the social tissue of local community. Then, a typical dinner followed.

The day of 08/11/2021 was dedicated to the conferences and workshops. The conference was opened by the Mayor of Bükkábrány, who presented the municipality and its local characteristics. Subsequently, followed the workshop “The action of local administrations in preventing economic hardship and cultural deprivation in the youth sector”. The delegations presented their municipalities and the policies they are pursuing in this field. The second part of the day was dedicated to the 2nd part of the Workshop “The local fiscal system: how the tax income helps small administration in supporting the community”, in which Tax Experts from MOKLASZ presented the fiscal system in Hungary and the other delegations presented their local fiscal system.

Subsequently, the delegations were called to share their point of view in the debate dedicated to the perception of European policies in everyday life. The debate produced interesting insights, that were shared with the other participants. The first part of the day of 09/11/2021 was dedicated to the discovery of local culture and traditions: the local participants presented the characteristics of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén province, such as hot springs, theatres, art companies, typical food and drinks and history. In the second part of the day a discussion on the topic “-What if?

Imagine future crisis scenarios and possible actions with and without EU” was held, and it was particularly stressed the point of the difficulties that a pandemic could cause. Then, the delegations had the possibility to visit the local thermal baths in Mezőkövesd and to try the typical food and drinks in Tibolddaróc.

The day of 10/11/21 was dedicated to the discovery of Local Social Enterprises. In particular, the delegates had the possibility to visit the local Goat Farm: the farm is a social farm run by the Hungarian Red Cross, where people with special social conditions work. This visit is related to the theme of active solidarity policies, including the reality of social farms. The degustation of local cheese followed, with the aim of further discovering the production of local and sustainable products.

The day of 11/11/2021 was dedicated to the team-building activities: the delegations were divided into teams that, with the help of the materials contained in the EU website regarding taxes and youth, wrote down ideas on how the younger generations could be more interested and aware about taxes and fiscal system.

The day of 12/11/21 was dedicated to the local artistic and cultural heritage: the delegations had the possibility to listen to the Emőd Music School. Subsequently, the delegates enjoyed the show presented by the actress from the Hungarian National Theater Nelli Szűcs, entitled “Sári Fedák’s life”. The day of 13/11/2021 was dedicated to discussing the follow-up of the project and the official greeting to the delegations.